Introducing The Fearless Revolution™ 2.0 Resource Power Pack!




There is a place beyond where most believers have been that God is trying to take you. This place is called Beyond Fearless. Beyond Fearless is a place in Him where you take command of all things He has given to you and live out the calling He has placed within you.

It is the experience of accessing an open heaven at all times. Whether you have been saved for years or are just coming into the knowledge of Christ, this movement will move you into a supernatural understanding of Jesus Christ.

This movement came out of a frustration with the traditions and rudiments of man that were not fully equipping the Body of Christ and has left us living far beneath the promises of the Word. I knew that there had to be something more to this walk with God that had not yet been released to believers in its fullness. I began to spend days in the presence of the Lord seeking His truth on what is next for His people. I knew there had to be a way that we could truly be free from the world and experience the liberty that only comes through Jesus Christ.

Beyond Fearless is a movement of the Truth of the Word of God that manifests the greater works in your life.

It is:

  • A new reality where believers are living the Word of God.
  • A beacon of light and Truth in the midst of watered-down, truth-compromised teachings.
  • The pages of scripture becoming real and illuminating from every area of your life.
  • Coming up out of the rudiments of man – man’s order – and tradition to the enlightenment of the truth of God’s order – righteousness.
  • Having the mysteries of the gospel opened to you.
  • New Revelation that will result in you gaining the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • Living in full the authority, dominion and power where the adversary can no longer access your relationships, finances, family, your relationship with God or any other areas of your life.
  • Instruction that moves you beyond the four walls of a church into the manifestation of your portion of the Kingdom of God

The Beyond Fearless Movement goes beyond surface teaching to the practical application and demonstration of the promises of God in your life. This movement will guide and lead you first through the gateway of fearlessness and then beyond it to a place where you are free from the 14 stronghold spirits and the thousands of ways they are showing up in the daily lives of believers.

Once you are Beyond Fearless, you will be clean from the adversary and all things of this world. You will be read step into the fullness of His will for your life. You will have an ongoing encounter with the true liberty and prosperity of The Lord without the hindrances of the world’s systems and ways.

You will become “unstuck” and come out of the holding patter that most Christian experience and seldom move beyond. You will be crystal clear about your distinct and specific calling that sets you apart from the other billions of people upon the earth.

You will live 100% on purpose for Christ and bring forth the fruit that He created you to manifest.

The Beyond Fearless Movement includes:

  • An institute of learning that contains NEW revelation and teachings from the Throne of God.
  • Membership with unlimited access to breakthrough teachings for every area of your life.
  • Discounts to all Beyond Fearless teachings, events and resources
  • An ever-growing collection of tools and resources for you to access at all times.
  • Live support and guidance that ushers you into this new reality.
  • Step-by-step, comprehensive teachings that are Holy Spirit-breathed from the very heart and throne of God.

This is a process that everyone who professes His name has to undergo in order to get to this place. For the first time, Jesus has revealed the entire process to His people. If you are serious about God, you must be serious about living Beyond Fearless. This work makes you unstoppable in the things of God. This is not just a concept… it is a movement named by God.

Welcome to a whole new walk with God!